free-32-pngFelt inspired to write a quick, spontaneous post as I just HAD to let you know about this. It’s a brilliant, inspirational free e-book designed to improve your employee satisfaction – produced as a team effort by Moo.com (a hugely innovative business printing company who are in my top 3 favourite companies. Like, ever), and WeWork (a funky company I’ve just stumbled across who provide beautiful shared workspaces for creators. Yum).

The e-book promises to create a “happier team by the end of the week.” Quite a claim. Yet, I can see from the practical , resourceful and engaging tips that are offered within it, that this might just be possible.

I, for one, am particularly interested, as one of my clients is currently experiencing challenges around staff morale. Amongst other things, I’m working with them to develop effective, innovative strategies to address this, and this will contribute to that nicely.

Below is a sneak preview of the e-book’s contents (sssshhhh – don’t tell Moo.com or WeWork I shared this with you!).

32-ways-to-boost-team-spirit-weworkFor those of you who are employers out there too, you’ll not be able to argue with their reasons surrounding better productivity that you’ll get if you download this nifty little e-book too:


Further still, they highlight that “improving the happiness of your team doesn’t always have to eat into your budget – a lot of your company culture comes from the way you treat people, the values you demonstrate and how you communicate.”

To download your free copy of this valuable and rather neat little bundle of practical tips and inspiration, click below. Highly recommend it!

32 ways to boost your team spirit.

Personally, I’m a fairly fussy so and so, and so it takes something quite special to make me strongly advocate something in this way. Take it from me, this is something quite special. So go enjoy Stick buds.



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