Happy New Year Stick buds,

Don’t know about you, but I’m INCREDIBLY EXCITED about 2017. Yes, I have big plans for the business and I’m so happy you’re coming along for the ride.

The excitement starts with my DEBUT STICKMAN VIDEO which outlines why a Marketing Strategy is needed and how I work with organisations to help you grow through examining your:

  1. ‘Business Fundamentals’ – your objectives, business proposition, target audiences, competitor activities etc.
  2. Sales Funnel – how you’re currently attracting and converting prospects, through to how (or more typically ‘if’) you’re growing existing clients.

My sessions with clients are jam-packed with value and you get QUICK WINS from the word go. Plus there’s loads of cake involved.

Anyway, apart from being a big wiggly on my feet in the video, I’m happy overall with it, but see what you think.

Would love your feedback, so feel free to comment below. Or if you would like a chat about how I could support YOUR organisation, please get in touch at emily@thestickmanconsultancy.co.uk or give me a buzz on 07969 331164.

See you soon Stick buds,


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