Recently, our Founder, Emily Richards, was delighted to spend time with Mr. Andrew Whittaker, the new Headmaster at one of the North West’s leading independent schools – Altrincham Preparatory School for Boys.

They discussed what Mr. Whittaker is most excited about in his new role, his vision for the school, the challenges the faces and the importance of school marketing.

You can watch the full interview here, or choose one of the short videos below.

Stickman was really impressed by the passion he demonstrated and the exciting vision he has for the future of the school. We look forward to seeing the school evolve over the coming years.

VIDEO 1: Hear what Mr. Whittaker is most excited about in his new role at the school:

VIDEO 2: Mr. Whittaker shares his exciting vision for the future of the school and its ethos based on seven key guiding principles:

VIDEO 3: Mr. Whittaker talks about key challenges that the school faces. He particularly cites the management of parental expectations around senior school choices – something that will resonate with many schools!

VIDEO 4: Finally, we discuss the role of marketing in supporting the delivery of his educational objectives: 

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