Just back from Bett, and am somewhat pooped, so going to keep this brief. Had a GREAT time however…enjoying getting to know the fabulous WCBS team better, meeting LOTS of ed tech companies, and of course, speaking in the Schools Theatre with the marvellous Mark Maybury.

Instead of words, I’ll let the pics speak for themselves…


Arriving for rehearsal


A bit of madonna mic action!


Rehearsal gone well


Quick mooch around the show – learnt some new tips for my iphone on the Apple stand

D Winfield.jpeg

Quick catch up with this lovely chappie


Arriving for the real thing. Eek. Our names are listed. It’s really happening!


Mark kick-starting the session – he’s a pro!



In full swing…



And yup. Went well. In fact, really well! Thank you Bett for having us!

Same next year?

Emily x

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