The Summer Term is speeding by. Your 2019-20 marketing budget has yet to be
approved by the Bursar because forecasts for the pupil roll in September are
pessimistic. If ever there was a moment to be clear and determined about why
marketing and communications are a priority for the success of the school, this is it.

Our mission at Stickman is to help schools stay alive and thriving. Seeing success in
our work with over 50 schools (of all shapes and sizes) shows that great marketing
and communications really does work.

It really IS worth doing the parent research, the staff engagement, the vision and
values refinement, the marketing strategy development: together they have a
HUGE IMPACT on 8 essential elements of school success.

We call it the Wheel of Benefits.

Stickman_Full Graphic

Share the Wheel with your Bursar, your Head, your marketing and admissions teams,
the teaching staff. Empower everyone with the knowledge that school marketing
and communications REALLY MATTER.

We’re here to help. If YOUR school would like some fresh, insight-led, expert
support, or if you’d like to know more about any aspect of our services, simply get in

School Marketing & Research Consultant and Chief Cheerleader
The Stickman Consultancy

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