Founder of Stickman, Emily Richards had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Tom Shennan-Barker and Nicola Gilbert, Director of Marketing, Admissions & Communications and Business Development Manager respectively at Ackworth School, a leading day and boarding school in West Yorkshire.

Both extremely experienced in the industry, Tom and Nicola shared what they are most excited about in their new roles at the School. They also discussed how effective marketing and communications play a key role in the success of schools like Ackworth and what the future for school marketing might have in store.

Click one of the 3 bite-size videos below:


VIDEO 1: What are you most excited about in your new roles?






VIDEO 2: What part does marketing and communications play in the success of Ackworth School?





VIDEO 3: What does the future hold for schools marketing?




The Stickman team were bowled over by the stunning grounds and facilities at Ackworth School and we look forward to seeing how the historic school continues to help its pupils to develop and thrive into the future.

Here at Stickman, we have the privilege of meeting some truly inspiring people working in outstanding schools. For more video discussions and interviews, simply go to our YouTube channel here.


School Marketing & Research Consultant and Chief Cheerleader, The Stickman Consultancy

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