Ok, so here goes with post number two. This is where I introduce myself. I thought it only polite to do so rather than launching straight into blabbing about one of my favourite topics (marketing for those who don’t know). Besides, I’m hoping you’ll get more from the blog if you understand a little more about the person behind the words and pictures.

I will however, keep this brief as I understand you’ll be eager to get to the more meaty ‘marketing tips’ content, so fear not.

So, who am I?
Well, my name is Emily and I’m a professionally qualified Marketing Consultant based in Cheshire. This is me.


I have a tonne of experience across many different sectors – from education to healthcare, from leisure to automotive and more. It’s been a fast-paced and busy but exhilarating 18 years in Marketing and I couldn’t love it more. I am truly passionate about helping clients refine and grow their businesses and organisations and feel extremely lucky to have found a career path that I enjoy so much and get so excited about.

As well as working closely with clients, I also collaborate with fellow marketers – buddying up on projects or hooking up and sharing tips, creative ideas and experiences. I value this highly. fi

I’m currently excited to be working with Abi Webb and Fiona Rose (right) to promote a local TEDx event in Nov. I’ve loved working with Fiona on other projects too. We’ve just had some brilliant results from a secondary school that we are working with in the Lakes – they’ve had RECORD NUMBER OF Y7 INTAKE this Sep.

*Inhales deeply to regain composure*.


This is the fabulous Kate Carney from STITCH Ltd – a local research and marketing agency with whom I’ve done many gorgeous marketing projects for key clients such as NHS CCGs and Interserve Learning & Employment.

I feel fortunate to be able to say I’ve worked with many amazing people, and whilst I can’t put pics of everyone here, watch out for them, as they may just appear in later posts. (BTW, if you want to see more detail about my background or my approach to my work, you can visit my LinkedIn profile or go to my About page).

bertie-and-bea-posingI’m also wife to Peter and we have two little poppets – Bertie (age 8) and Beatrice (age 6). Yes the divas shown in the pic.

With managing a business, attempting responsible parenting, seeing family and friends and a bit of property management thrown in, life’s busy but good. A few snapshot facts about me below:

  • Likes: a bit of ‘quirk’, pared-back living, design, stretching imaginations, bric-a-brac and wellies.
  • Dislikes: bad manners, apathy, celebrity footballer behaviour and fresh tomatoes on pizza.
  • Biggest vice: over-use of the word “literally”. Literally.
  • Guilty pleasure: Housewives of Cheshire, ITV. (Did I really just announce that publicly?)
  • Hidden talent: grade 8 pianist and horse-rider (both long forgotten).

hunter-welliesSo, there we have it. A quick overview of ‘me’. Apologies if this post was a little self-indulgent, but I felt a little behind-the-scenes context would be useful. Subsequent posts will be more marketing-orientated. Promise.

Finally, here is a pic of my beloved wellies.

Like. Literally.

If you have any marketing quandaries or want an informal chat about your business or organisation, give me a call on 07969 331164 or email: emily@thestickmanconsultancy.co.uk 

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