Our marketing and admissions coaching services are designed to empower you with awesome marketing skills that will make your school shine. We have an online group coaching programme for prep schools, an online marketing course for primary schools, and lots of free marketing resources (checklists, webinars, videos) to power you up.

The course has also shown us how far in advance to plan our marketing activities, so the module on key timings was really useful.


Primary School, London


8 Weeks To Smashing Marketing & Admissions At Your Prep School

Need to boost your marketing & admissions but don’t have the time, money or possibly the skills to do so?

We can help.

We’ve created a bespoke group coaching programme and toolkit specifically for prep schools designed to boost marketing and admissions with simple, but powerful, strategies.

We provide everything you need to build an awesome Marketing Action Plan that will attract, engage and convert prospective families in a way you’ve never seen before.

Our 3-Step Framework is a proven way of attracting, engaging and converting prospective families. It helps by:

1. Attracting – This involves growing a hot list of prospective families and nurturing them so that they know, like and trust you

2. Builds excitement – It involves building excitement with them about a virtual open event a school is running – so by this stage, they’re frothing at the mouth to know more about your school and take the next steps in enrolling

3. Convert and retain – Most importantly, it shows schools how to convert and retain these families as part of your school community.

And all based on doing fewer activities, but the right ones, done in a well-constructed way.

In other words we help schools to do less, focus their activities and see bigger results.

£1,997 + VAT


The 3 Step-Framework to Building an Awesome Pupil Recruitment Marketing Plan

Need to boost your school funding via increasing admissions, but don’t have the time, money or possibly the skills to do so? Our online course and toolkit shows primary schools exactly how to do this. It comprises:

  • 12 bitesize modules containing top marketing secrets that can’t be found on Google or in a text book
  • Video tutorials to guide you through every step
  • Tools and templates (including a pre-populated Marketing Plan) to give you ‘ready to go’ marketing materials
  • PLUS Stickman and peer-to-peer support

Think of it as your fast-track journey to increasing admissions and boosting funding.

£795 + VAT

We chose Stickman’s school marketing course due to it being tried and tested, having lots of resources and being created by school marketing specialists.

Sharon Kelly

School Business Manager, Holmwood School & Nursery, Bucks


We love to help schools by sharing our school marketing expertise, so why not let loose and dive into our free marketing resources right now. Simply click on the FREE RESOURCES menu above for:

The course has been really useful. The Nursery Liaison Programme was particularly interesting as we’ve not done this in any kind of strategic way before…having previously always relied on Word of Mouth.


Robert Fitzroy Academy, London

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