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Pupil recruitment or retention a headache? Disengaged parents? Demotivated staff? Need to generate revenue for your school? That’s why we’re here.

Hi, we’re Stickman. We offer insight-led, expert marketing to schools to help you generate revenue and fix your big, challenging issues! We’ll work with you to transform your pupil recruitment, retention and parent engagement so it’s working for your school. That’s our Stickman Promise.

What We Do

We develop clear and hugely effective strategies for schools that help to solve issues such as pupil recruitment, pupil retention, parental engagement and more.

To do this, we firstly find out the current picture by auditing your processes and conducting research such as mystery shopping, focus groups, parent surveys and telephone interviews. We then analyse findings and develop clear, step-by-step bespoke recommendations for you. You can choose from three levels of support to suit your budget – click here to find out more.

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1. Pupil Recruitment

Whether it’s Reception, Y7 or Sixth Form, we can help. After auditing your admissions process end to end, and engaging with new families to find out their experience of your admissions process, we then create tailored recommendations entirely designed to improve your pupil numbers.

2. Parent Engagement

Parents are important stakeholders for a school as they’re a major influence on other parents’ view of your school, they have a significant bearing on pupil outcomes, plus they’re often valuable future parents with a 2nd or 3rd child. We help you to optimise parental engagement – even those that are ‘hard to reach’!

3. Pupil Retention

Losing pupils is a costly habit and breeds negativity across parents, pupils and staff. Transitions from Nursery to Reception, Prep to Senior or Year 11 to Sixth Form are typical ‘drop out’ points, yet actually, this can occur at any stage. We develop strategies for schools to enable them to address this quickly and effectively.

Our Services

We offer three levels of support to suit all budgets. Whether you want a short, sharp burst of ideas during our 1 hour SUPER CALL, or a mini audit (‘SNEAK PEEK’) to start you thinking about the areas that require ‘fixing’, or you may wish us to FULLY audit your issue and produce a comprehensive report detailing step by step recommendations with our ‘DEEP DIVE’ service. It’s up to you!

“Delighted to say we’ve reached record pupil numbers with 204 students! A large contribution to this was the marketing strategy that The Stickman Consultancy produced”


Helen Robinson, Vice Principal, Furness Academy.

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A selection of the schools and education organisations we work with – either directly or via our trusted partners.

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