Marketing is an area where vast amounts of money, time and energy can be wasted. Since schools are usually short of all three, as an established education marketing consultancy, we at Stickman like to ensure our services are goal-driven, revenue-generating and drive genuine benefit.



Emily Richards

Head of Light Bulb Moments 

Emily is Founder and Director of Stickman. Her gusto for the education sector stems from her first-hand experience that it has the power to change lives and shape futures. This gave her an inner-compulsion to get her own two children to great schools.Prior to setting up The Stickman Consultancy in 2012, Emily spent 14 years in senior positions in marketing agencies in Bristol, working on large brands such as BMW/MINI, BBC-Haymarket and the Financial Times. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Consultant for the ISA.

Karen Stickman Agency

Karen Smith

School Marketing Champion

Karen is a school marketer with more than 20 years’ experience of working (and living) in independent day and boarding schools. Married to a senior teacher and as a parent to two teens, Karen has a great understanding of the educational landscape and has worked with schools and colleges of all shapes and sizes, from multi-academy trusts and primaries to independent preps and senior schools. She enjoys getting under the skin of schools and developing marketing and communication solutions to meet every challenge.

Charlotte Hulton

School Marketing Rockstar

With just under 10 years experience working in the state school sector, Charlotte is highly-skilled in schools marketing and communications, pupil recruitment and admissions. She prides herself on her strategic thinking and ability to find creative solutions to help schools stand out from their competitors. With 3 children all at different stages of their academic journeys, Charlotte has great insight into what parents really want. Charlotte is experienced in working with a diverse range of schools, and loves helping them to create the ‘wow’!


This is a framework we use in all of our work with schools and MATs. It’s all about getting a firm foundation in place as this will turbocharge your marketing activities and ensure they work really (really) hard for your school (it’s a bit like the foundations of a house…without them, the house would be useless and would topple over).

Stickman 3 Step Framework


Watch our short video (8 mins) to see our proven method for boosting school revenue through effective pupil recruitment.

Next, book a FREE 20 minute Consultation with a member of the Stickman team, to discuss your admissions challenges and ways of boosting your school revenue.

The meaning behind ‘Stickman’

A stick man represents a stripped back version of a human being and this reflects our approach: school marketing made simple.

We strip an issue back to its core and get to the root of the matter. From there, we ‘build out’…forming a strong foundation, differentiating your school from the rest.



Marketing For Schools Made Simple…because complicated is RUBBISH.


Marketing needs to contribute heavily to your overall school or MAT goals.

Insight-led Recommendations

All our recommendations are evidence-based.

Solid Foundations

We believe in finding and fixing the root of the issue… only THEN can your marketing be effective.

Less Is More

We focus on the vital things that will make a whopping difference to your school or MAT.

Immense Pride

We are fastidious in producing quality work and epic results because great just isn’t good enough.

Making Marketing SIMPLE for schools

(Because complicated is RUBBISH!)


I am so pleased we commissioned Stickman. Their personal but professional approach and style, blended perfectly with our vision to create a clear identity and way forward, which we are excited to implement.


St Stephen’s CE Primary, Bradford

Stickman Character

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