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Marketing is an area where vast amounts of money, time and energy can be wasted. As schools are usually short of all three, we, at Stickman, like to ensure our services are goal-driven, revenue-generating and drive genuine benefit. 

This is the approach we adopt in all of our work with schools and MATs. 

The meaning behind “Stickman”

A stick man represents a stripped back version of a human being and this reflects our approach: school marketing made simple.

We strip an issue back to its core and get to the root of the matter. From there, we ‘build out’…forming a strong foundation, differentiating your school from the rest.



1. Solid Foundations

We believe in finding and fixing the root of the issue… only THEN can your marketing be effective.

2. Less Is More

We focus on the vital things that will make a whopping difference to your school or MAT.

3. Immense Pride

We are fastidious in producing quality work and epic results because great just isn’t good enough.

Our Approach:

Marketing is an area where TONNES of time and effort can be wasted. At Stickman, this very notion makes our skin crawl as we like to ensure EVERYTHING we do for you makes a difference. Our approach is to strip back the issue to its roots, and provide ideas and solutions that will optimise effort and expenditure as they’re based on a firm marketing foundation.


Emily is passionate about keeping the education sector and keeping it alive and thriving, as she believes good schools have the power to change lives and shape futures.

Emily’s zest originates from her own educational experience where she witnessed first-hand the ENORMOUS difference that good Teaching & Learning makes. It gave her skills that she still uses to this day, plus an inner-compulsion to get her own two children to great schools.

Prior to setting up The Stickman Consultancy in 2012, Emily spent 14 years in senior positions in marketing agencies in Bristol, working on large brands such as BMW/MINI, BBC-Haymarket and the Financial Times. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Consultant for the ISA.

Making Marketing SIMPLE for schools

(because complicated is RUBBISH!)

“Fantastic, responsive, creative and above all very enjoyable to work with. Emily and her team delivered a top-tier brochure whilst exceeding our expectations. I am very grateful to her for all her efforts”

 Ben Hughes, MD, Pippa’s Guardians.

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