Attracting and retaining students is an art, especially in the competitive landscape of today. Your schools must wield a strategic approach in order to stand out.

Don’t let the word ‘strategy’ scare you – we promise, it doesn’t need to feel daunting.

We’re going to teach you how to craft irresistible first impressions to long lasting relationships, here are our top admissions strategies that will elevate your school to the top of the class.


Tell a compelling story

Every school has a story, and yours is waiting to be shared.

Develop a narrative that goes beyond facts and figures – highlight the character, values, and successes that make your school special. 

Prospective students and parents should not just choose your school; they should feel compelled to be a part of its story. Need help defining your school’s story to ensure it resonates with prospective and current families? Find out more here. 

Top tip: Feature success stories of past pupils to showcase the lasting impact your school continues to have on their lives.


Open the curtains with ‘wow’ open days

First impressions matter, and in the world of education, Open Days are your red carpet events.

Create an experience that not only showcases your school’s facilities but also gives prospective pupils and parents a taste of the culture within your school.

Think interactive, pupil-led tours and glimpses into the day-to-day life at your school. But remember to make it personal. Make sure before your open day to collect data which gives you insight into the interests of your visiting parents and pupils, this will allow you to tailor their experience and ensure your spark their imaginations.

Top tip: Engage visitors with hands-on activities and let them immerse themselves into the educational journey that awaits their children should they choose your school. envision their educational journey within your halls.


Digital dominance

In a world where screen time is around 6 hours a day, your school’s online presence is paramount.

Optimise your website for user-friendliness, share captivating social media content, and invest in targeted online advertising.

A seamless digital experience will not only attract attention but also foster a sense of accessibility and transparency.

Top tip: Leverage social media platforms to tell your school’s unique story, from academic achievements to extracurricular triumphs.


Respond in the right way

Communication is the cornerstone of successful admissions. Tailor your outreach to the individual needs and interests of prospective families.

Regular newsletters, personalised emails, and one-on-one interactions can go a long way in building a connection and addressing any concerns they have.

Top tip: Implement a CRM system to track and manage communication, ensuring a personalised approach at every stage of the admissions process (higher conversions guaranteed!).


Maintain consistency of communications and brand

There’s nothing worse than a fragmented approach, so ensure all of your communications and materials are consistently branded and fit your school’s tone of voice.

Consistency is the secret sauce that binds all your efforts together and breeds familiarity, trust, and a sense of reliability. Find out where your school isn’t as consistent as it could be and find gaps in your admissions process with a Mystery Shop [link].

Top tip: Establish brand guidelines to ensure a unified visual identity, and extend this consistency to your communication style across all channels (hold a lunch & learn for all staff to help embed these guidelines).


Get equipped

There is a way to fast track pupil numbers and grow your skills and professional development at the same time!

In just 6 weeks (a couple of hours per week), we show you the exact marketing activities to do, step by step. There’s even a ‘ready to go’ Marketing Plan that you can start using straight away.

Check out our 6-week school marketing & admissions coaching course that will make marketing & admissions at your school feel like a breeze!


The Stickman team help school leaders, bursars, and marketing and admissions managers to boost revenue via powerful and simple marketing strategies.

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