The UK is gearing up to celebrate 70 years since Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne. By 2 June, there will be bunting and Union Jacks as far as the eye can see! 

How will your school make its mark and join in the celebrations in a meaningful and memorable way? 

We’ve got 3 platinum-plated ideas for Jubilee activities that have the added bonus of demonstrating how and why children flourish at your school, creating authentic and powerful marketing. 

1: Time Travel to 1952

A large proportion of independent schools across the UK have been around a pretty long time. Do some research and show your community what your school looked like 70 years ago! 

Create a display or exhibition open to parents, pupils and alumni – even invite the wider public. Show old photographs of the site and classrooms in 1952, hunt out items of uniform, school menus, staff lists, sporting equipment, you name it. Invite comment and comparison: Which part of the School is this? Which would you prefer to play on, the old tennis courts or the astroturf? This is an opportunity to tap into nostalgia and pull on those heart strings.

2: Bury a 2022 Time Capsule

Invite parents, staff and pupils to contribute items to go inside your time capsule that will be buried in the school grounds and be retrieved 70 years from now. Take pictures of each item chosen and share via social media, and include video. Ask pupils and parents to write brief testimonials that can go inside, e.g., “What we love about our school in 2022” and share these on social media. You are limited only by the size of the capsule and your imagination!

3: Create a Jubilee Competition

Launch a competition among your pupils on a Jubilee-related theme, such as platinum, the number 70, or the year 2022. Will you go for a poetry competition, music, dance, writing, art, Lego or something entirely different?

There is just one golden (platinum?) rule: share all your Jubilee activities with your community and your audience of prospective families in your marketing: through posts and videos on social media as well as on relevant pages across your website, links in your newsletters and in correspondence with prospective parents. 

And remember, have fun!

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