Hi Stick-buds,

Well, this week has been a multitude of exciting product development, exhilarating new business meetings, invigorating collaboration and inspiring thoughts…all ending with a nerve-wracking radio interview.


Firstly, had an interesting meeting with Craig Millar (left) – a fantastic Speechwriter and TEDx Speaker Coach based in Altrincham, Cheshire. I’ve recently been introduced to Craig through the TEDx Event that I’m involved with in Nantwich. We were keen to learn more about one another’s businesses.

It was fascinating to hear about Craig’s single-minded commitment to the approach that an idea (for a speech) is the absolute starting point for any work that he takes on. An idea – and the strength of it – is the criteria for which Craig either accepts or declines working with a client. His commitment to this was inspiring. seth-godin-quote

I then shared with Craig about how my Marketing Consultancy business works, the type of clients I work with, and why I love what I do.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable exchange of thoughts, soaked up in the splendid surroundings of Crewe Hall whilst sipping peppermint tea. And after we’d bounded around a few Seth Godin quotes, we headed off to the TEDx rehearsal.


Yes, the TEDx rehearsal. Well, with only 1 week to go now, excitement has ramped up to unknown heights. It’s now down to the nitty-gritty. TEDx t-shirts are being ironed, programmes printed, instabooth frames bought, and speeches fine-tuned. Can’t believe we have a sell-out! Myself, Fi and Abi (aka the TEDx Nantwich marketing team!) are going all out now to make it a wonderful experience for attendees on the day. Loving the collaboration and the inspiration this brings. 8 more sleeps. Can’t wait.

Had lots of energising thoughts this week too. It got me thinking; where have these sparks of inspiration come from? Here are my top three:

  1. Whilst doing a Joe Wicks HIIT workout.
  2. Seeing all the luscious foodie brands during a quick visit to Cheerbrooks Farm Shop.
  3. Chatting to my son about why his guitar practice is good for his brain.

img_1910And finally, here I am with the lovely Fiona Rose when we did our interview on Red Shift Radio. Neither Fi nor I are shrinking voilets in any sense, yet the prospect of speaking live to a large audience with no clue about the questions, was truly daunting. You might say, we were bricking it. The wonderful Liz Southall (owner of Redshift Radio) put Fi and myself at complete ease however, and the combination of her
professional-style questioning coupled with img_1912her relaxed approach, might even have drawn some decent answers out of us too.

Anyway, an exciting and busy week. But most important of all has been this weekend’s planning and baking Halloween treats with my 6 yr old daughter. Yum.

Happy Halloween all!

Emily x

Stickman Character

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