This is my first ever post on my site The Stickman Consultancy. *jumps around excitedly*

I say my site’s first-ever post, because it’s certainly not my own first ever blog post. No. Truth is, I have written gazillions of blogs for clients, and to be honest, I’ve been so busy doing so (plus a tonne of Marketing Strategy work), that I actually haven’t gotten around to writing any for my OWN site…*scratches head questioning this*.

Anyway, I’m going to keep this first blog post short and sweet as it’s just the start of loads of meaty content to come. Expect raw, honest, topical subject matter. All related (albeit sometimes loosely) to my favourite topic: Marketing and how it can drive growth in businesses.

So, here we are. Oct 13th 2016. The birth of my Stickman blog. Welcome dear ‘Stick buddies’.


Stickman Character

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