Happy New Year one and all! 

In a year that is starting off amidst a fog of Covid complexities, we at Stickman are more determined than ever to make marketing SIMPLE but POWERFUL for you and your school. 

We have therefore created 5 TOP TIPS for your school marketing to help you start the year with a bang! 

1. Evaluate 2021 – there’s so much you can learn from reviewing the past 12 months…what’s worked vs. what hasn’t. This insight is invaluable for guiding 2022 decisions (e.g. which elements to embellish vs. which to ditch) and in defining goals. 

2. Be intentional – following on nicely from Tip no. 1, consider what you are looking to achieve with your marketing across the next year and define the steps (the Strategy) in getting there. 

3. Craft a crisp and compelling school story – your story should reflect the brilliance of your school as well as excite your audience. Keep it succinct too – in a competitive environment, it’s vital that your story can be understood in a nano-second (less is more).

4. Think creatively – in an increasingly cluttered environment, this is a year to be imaginative, bold and fresh with your marketing. Push the boundaries, stand out and make your mark! 

5. Adopt an agile approach – in a turbulent marketplace, be sure to listen and respond to the changing needs of prospective families, and to commit to serving those families better than any other school in the land.

Whatever you do, make this a year that counts. 

Ask yourself, is this day ONE, or just one day?

If you need a friendly hand with planning for the year ahead, we’re currently offering a free 20-minute consultancy session. 

Simply reply here or call (+44) 161 706 0306. 

2022 we are ready for you!

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