Hey Stick buddies,

Wanted to tell you about my surprise encounter this week that ended up with me leading a radio interview with AJ from Strictly Come Dancing. Talk about having to think on my feet!

I was on Red Shift radio being interviewed about The Stickman Consultancy by DJ Cate Walter on the station’s Business programme (we’re pictured below), and half way through, was asked if I’d lead an interview they had lined up with AJ from Strictly Come Dancing! I hasten to add here the only reason I was asked was because I watch Strictly, (or rather, my kids watch it and I enjoy it with them). img_2090

The interview was great anyway, AJ was a delight, and I enjoyed poking a few cheeky questions at him about who his biggest rival on Strictly might be, and his plans for topping the ‘Lion King salsa’ from Musicals week!

Coincidentally, AJ and his mum’s dance school (Pritchard’s School of Dance where AJ himself trained) are clients of Fiona Rose – a local marketing professional with whom I enjoy sharing select client projects. Fiona and I have a like-minded approach to our work and our clients, and it would seem we are so in tune that we are there to help each other out even when totally unplanned!


So Red Shift – thank you for having me, and AJ – it was a pleasure.

And remember…in the words of Tess and Claudia: “keeeeeeeeeep dancing!”

Stickman Character

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