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If you’re looking for an example of arresting school marketing, our ‘Friday Find’ may just have hit the jackpot.

As you can imagine, we spend a LOT of time looking at school marketing across a plethora of channels, Instagram being one of the most popular among parents of school-age children. So it takes a lot for us to pause in our browsing and say (out loud, I might add) “Wow!”. 

This image did just that. ‘A picture paints a thousand words’ as the saying goes, and in one shot Clifton College in Bristol has beautifully showcased both the unique opportunities available to their pupils, and their stunning school environment. It wonderfully signposts Clifton’s identity and prestige.

How does your school marketing stop people in their tracks?

Emily & the Stickman team

The Stickman team help school leaders, bursars, and marketing and admissions managers to boost revenue via powerful and simple marketing strategies.

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Emily & the Stickman team

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