Well, it’s taken me a week to catch my tail and put pen to paper after the tremendous TEDx Nantwich 2017 last Sunday.

This year, I’m proud to say that I co-curated the event along with Peter Ewan and Jo Grubb (pictured below), owners of HeelHeadOver Productions and JG Creative respectively. The theme of the event was close to my heart – Life Long Learning – a topic I’m a huge believer in. The event was a great success and I’m so very proud of all the beautiful people that helped make it so.Me Peter and Jo photo on stage

Let’s rewind however, and check out some behind-the-scenes snaps from across the course of the event weekend. Enjoy!

Firstly, here’s Jo with boxes [and boxes] of marketing collateral…you’ve been busy girlfriend.

Jo emptying car

Here’s Jemma giving Jo a hand.

Jemma has been a little trooper throughout the whole of the run up to TEDx Nantwich 2017. She’s been totally brilliant at supporting with the marketing for the event. Couldn’t have done it without her.


Oooohhh the letters have arrived!

Letters arriving

Our very fine volunteers…what a team they were. Thank you all. Led by the fabulous Pam Allen who is quite probably the most organised person I know!

TEam on stage

A bit of stage testing…

Me in front of stage

Now for a Speaker interview. Here I am sussing out how the lovely Liz Mearns (a Speaker at the event) was feeling the day before her Talk.

Final check of the list…Jo organising

Goodie bags ready? Check!Goodie bag tastic

The fabulous Mr and Mrs Simm…amazing acoustic husband and wife duo who gave a fantastic performance at the event.Me with Mr and Mrs Simm

Jordan Olukanmi…another musical performer at the event. (Seriously…one to watch in the future).Jordan rehearsing

A bit more stage chit chat with a couple of our FAB Speakers: Rob Mitchell-James and Liz Mearns:Me chit chats on stage

A light-hearted chat with Mr E, 35 minutes ahead of the event starting.

And as for our Speakers. Wow.

I’m simply in awe.

Here they are in action, but watch this space as videos of their talks will be available very soon.

And here they are …. looking a tad relieved after their Talks! One of our Speakers (and I won’t reveal which one), described doing the Talk as the most terrifying thing she’s ever done. Full respect. Speakers on stage

All 8 Speakers blew Jo, Peter and myself away with the diverse thoughts they planted, the thought-provoking questions they triggered and the deep inspiration they stirred.

Amazing minds. A very fine set of individuals. (Further details on the Speakers here).

And finally, here’s a pic of the fabulous Kate Carney, a key sponsor of TEDx Nantwich and owner of STITCH and YouinMind, but most of all a very special friend.

Kate on stage closer


So thank you TEDx Nantwich and thank you Peter and Jo. I’ve definitely witnessed many ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ throughout this process. And after all, isn’t that the whole point?


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