School leaders are focused on what they can do to secure a favourable Ofsted judgement. Instinctively, there’s a focus on teaching and learning, yet you might be interested to learn that marketing and communications can make a REAL difference.

Here are 2 vital marketing and communications activities for you to do:

  1. Clear Vision & Values: In order to be judged ‘Good’, Ofsted states that leaders must ‘have a clear and ambitious vision… This is realised through strong, shared values…’

Working with schools, we find that vision or mission statements are often out of date…having been created a number of years ago then popped on the school website, never to be re-visited or used again! Sound familiar?


  • Less is more: be succinct. Your school’s vision should be a simple statement, three sentences maximum. Similarly, try to boil your core values down to THREE. Keeping things short will mean your values become memorable and meaningful.
  • Embed everywhere: share your vision and values across ALL channels. Your vision and values need to become the DNA of the school. Involve them in teaching and learning, display them visually around school, include them in speeches and presentations and remember to reference them in any key decision-making.

Your goal: stakeholders (everyone!) can recite the vision and values quickly and easily as well as demonstrate them in school life, providing INDISPUTABLE evidence that your values are ‘strong’ and ‘shared’.

2.   Develop a clear Parent Engagement Plan: A ‘Good’ judgement requires that ‘school leaders engage effectively with pupils and others in their community, including, when relevant, parents, … Engagement opportunities are focused and have purpose.’

Does this ring true for your school? Here’s what you can do to get on the right track:

  • Listen & take action: listening to parents and acting upon their feedback is KEY. You can’t act upon every comment or whim, but a commitment to continual dialogue is proof that your engagement is ‘focused’ and has ‘purpose’ and will build trust amongst your parent body. Tick!
  • Share, share, share: well-informed parents feel valued and involved. Ensure you’re communicating regular, positive messages, across lots of different channels. Communication should cover all aspects of school life; academic, extra curricular and pastoral.

So there we are…2 marketing and communications activities that will help secure a Good or Outstanding Ofsted judgement. So what are you waiting for? Go get on your journey to success!

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