Do you struggle with knowing what to talk about on your school’s social media? 

So many stories, so much content, but what is going to get that all-important engagement? 

Or do you have the opposite problem – trying to track down the stories in your school (you KNOW they’re happening) but struggling to get a regular stream of relevant images and news from teachers and staff?

The secret is in POWER OF THREE. You’re likely to have heard us talk about this on many occasions as it’s a belief we’re super passionate about, but essentially, when you can identify three core messages that sum up what’s unique, different and outstanding about your school, you’re halfway there.

The ESSENTIAL next step is to share these key messages everywhere, with everyone in your school community. When staff understand and recognise these three key messages, it will allow them to more easily distinguish the stories and pupil experiences that demonstrate them.

These three key messages can provide a framework for ALL the stories that go out on your school’s social media. 

Here’s what to do. 

List out your key messages into three columns. We call these your content pillars:

  • Content pillar 1
  • Content pillar 2
  • Content pillar 3

Then, find stories for each content pillar around your school – speak with teachers, pupils, parents, office staff, groundsmen… ask them for just one example of where they’ve seen one of the key messages (content pillars) being lived and breathed in their school. (This can be done week by week. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to plan too far in advance.)

The result will be a super-coherent story being told about your school resulting in a strong identity and reputation. Your social media feeds will be an explosion of exciting content whilst everything is framed within a consistent set of messages. 

Suddenly, your social media platforms stand out from the crowd. They make it crystal clear why families should choose you and stay with you.

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