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We’re a modest bunch here at Stickman, but when our work is described as “transformational”, we know that’s a job well done.

Paul Urry, Headteacher at St Stephen’s Primary School in Bradford, was determined to offer his pupils an aspirational learning environment and a school brand to be proud of, and contacted Stickman for help. 

Paul is so proud of the School’s resulting new ‘look and feel’ that he’s shared a video about it. Watch now.

In Stickman’s work, our sweet spot is when we see schools respond so brilliantly to our support, in the way that St Stephen’s has. Implementing the new brand so well across the whole school has meant that a new and exciting visual identity and learning environment for pupils has been created and the School’s core values have been shared everywhere – from smart new uniforms and book bags, to fresh signage, gorgeous stationery, large wall graphics, creative graffiti areas and more. 

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“I know 400 children turning up in September like this will create such a positive vibe in school, the classrooms and around our area.”

Between us, the Stickman team all shed a little tear when we watched Paul’s video as it means so so much to us when we see a school shine like this. 

Thank you St Stephen’s for being amazing to work with. We’re so proud to be involved with your school’s transformation. 

See St Stephen’s case study here.

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