One of the most common things schools tell us is that they struggle with knowing how to get what’s unique and special about their school ‘out there’ to the outside world. 

There are so many great things  – all potential stories – going on day after day, how do you know what to talk about in your marketing?


Think in threes.

We are huge believers in the power of three here at Stickman. There’s evidence that people remember things easily in threes. 

Less really is more.

So, hone your messages down to just three things. 

And then talk about those three things over and over again. 

Prospective families encounter thousands of marketing messages EVERY DAY so repetition is important to ensure your messages ‘cut through the clutter’ and reach them effectively. 

We do NOT mean that you should tell the same stories over and over again. No, what we’re referring to is creating three core content pillars.

Once you have identified these, find stories in and around your school which demonstrate how each of these three messages are lived and breathed every day. 

Doing this, will give you a super strong identity and will build your reputation. Perfect for convincing prospective families that your school is the one for them. 

Tackle it now and start seeing the wood for the trees.

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