There is a common thread that runs through much of our work with schools across the globe – be they small prep schools or large international institutions – and that is, the challenge that schools experience around getting all stakeholders (teachers in the main) telling the same ‘story’ about what’s unique and amazing about their school. Their USPs.

Schools recognise that sharing USPs effectively happens when EVERYONE is behind this and they’re sharing the story CONSISTENTLY. And this is where teachers – who make up the largest proportion of any school’s community – can play an essential part in marketing the school.

But how can this be achieved?

Stickman’s unique key message framework (below) enables exactly that. Using this, teachers are able to identify stories from around their school based on an agreed set of key USPs (ideally three). This makes this a super straightforward task for them and keeps them ‘on brand’ too!

All a teacher has to remember is the three (or four or five) key themes and consider if today’s Maths lesson (for example), art session, school trip or assembly involves pupils demonstrating one or more of the themes.

It’s likely there is no shortage of these stories happening each and every day in your school. In fact, many schools feel overwhelmed by the amount of good stuff going on and not knowing which of these to select to talk about in their marketing.

The great thing is that having your key message themes now gives you an easy structure for telling those stories – simply pop your stories into one of the categories that you’ve identified. And once your key message themes are firmly embedded among your staff, your pupils, your classrooms – your whole school community – you’ll start to see stories that reflect them everywhere!

By empowering teachers to identify and share stories from in and around your school, you are keeping your key messages fresh while constantly differentiating your school from others, enabling people to really understand who you are, what you offer and why you’re a great school.

The Stickman team help school leaders, bursars, and marketing and admissions managers to boost revenue via powerful and simple marketing strategies.

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