All too often, school marketers are lone wolves – they are the sole person in the school with ‘marketing’ in their job description and their days are absolutely jam packed. It’s easy to feel like you’re on your own too. 

Who do you turn to for advice on a tricky decision? 

Who can you sense-check something with? 

How does brainstorming for imaginative and innovative ideas work when you are talking to the wall?

If this is you, don’t fret. You are far from alone.

We’ve got three pieces of ESSENTIAL advice to share:

  • Facilitate greater involvement from other school staff, if at all possible

Are there colleagues who would be super helpful on a mini marketing committee? That might consist of you, your Bursar or Deputy Head along with a keen teacher or two (or indeed other support staff) with an interest in marketing and communications.

Forming a marketing committee allows you not only to potentially share some elements of the marketing load, but also creates a space for sparking the imagination, the sharing of ideas and diverse perspectives on the viability of your plans. 

  • Reach out on LinkedIn

Beyond your school staff, reach out to an online community. There is buckets of helpful advice and practical support out there for school marketers. LinkedIn is particularly useful for finding and engaging people in similar roles. Search for key hashtags relevant to your position to connect with relevant people and see what others are up to.

  • Join us – we’re here to help

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By taking steps 1, 2 and 3, your school marketing life will be all the more enjoyable (and successful). 

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