Does your school have pupil places to fill for September? Are you effectively promoting this to prospective families in your area?

On the 16 April, parents in England, with appropriately-aged children, found out which primary school their child will be starting in September (2020). In some areas, fewer than 85% are allocated their first choice, meaning thousands of children missing out on their top selection. This is your chance to offer them an alternative option and promote YOUR school to them!

There’s no shame in letting these families know that you have a few places available and what your school can offer. Flag up a message on the Home page of your school website, have a vinyl banner created to hang outside the school gates or encourage current parents to share the news via social media.

This Twitter post example from Colston’s School in Bristol caught our eye:

So what are you waiting for? Let families know why your school could be what they’re looking for and how to get in touch!

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