One of the biggest stumbling blocks to implementing great school marketing is lack of time. 

Every school marketer we’ve ever worked with would like 25 hours in the day, but if you regularly feel overwhelmed by constant fire-fighting and multitasking then it’s time to step back and re-appraise your marketing and admissions ‘To Do’ list.

All too often, school marketers’ days are absolutely jam-packed. 

You are trying to keep too many plates spinning at the same time and occasionally one is likely to come crashing down. 

If this is you, don’t fret. You are far from alone.


Form a Marketing Action Plan.

This is not something else to add to your never-ending ‘To Do’ list. This is important, it is straightforward and needs addressing – it really is worthwhile.

A Marketing Action Plan is, at its simplest, a timeline outlining your marketing activities across a school term, half term or academic year…whatever timescale works for you and your school. 

Why is it so good having a Marketing Action Plan? 

  • It’s a visual snapshot – meaning you can relax knowing you have everything you need to do in one spot. 
  • It enables you to focus your efforts – meaning your time is well spent and your marketing is more effective
  • It frees you up – you’re well placed to be able to say ‘no’ to things from time to time because you can more easily justify what you need to work on right now and why

A Marketing Action Plan is SO beneficial for these reasons and TONNES more (which we won’t go into today as the very reason we’re writing this blog is because you don’t have enough time, so we’re purposely keeping it brief). 


Grab a sheet of paper and start mapping your activities across a timeline. It really will make for a lighter load, a more focused vision and more effective school marketing.

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