Is it a constant struggle deciding what to talk about on your school’s social media, day to day, week by week? 

So many stories, so much potential content…but what is really going to resonate and spark that all-important engagement? 

We show you in 2 easy steps below:

  • Identify 3 key messages

THIS is the secret to success – the power of having 3 key messages. If you’ve attended a Stickman Masterclass, read our blogs or follow us on Instagram you will have heard us talk about this on many occasions. We’re passionate about it because it WORKS! Essentially, when you can identify three core messages that sum up what’s unique, distinctive and outstanding about your school, you’re halfway there.

These three key messages can provide a framework for ALL the stories and content that go out on your school’s social media. 

Where do I start?

List out your key messages into three columns. 

  • Key message 1
  • Key message 2
  • Key message 3
  1. Find stories to evidence your 3 key messages

The next step is to find stories around your school that reflect these key messages. Speak with teachers, pupils, parents, support staff, groundspeople… ask them each for just one example of where they’ve seen one of the key messages being lived and breathed in the school. This makes it super easy for them to supply content to you! 

TOP TIP: Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to plan too far in advance. This can be done week by week, always referring to the same three key messages. 

The result?  Your social media will be an explosion of exciting content! And most importantly, a super coherent story will be told about your school and a strong identity and reputation built. 

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