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The Stickman team (Emily right, John middle) with Mark Davis from Blue Apple Education

The Stickman gang were delighted recently when Blue Apple Education asked us to be the guest speaker at a workshop they were running for one of their key clients – the Healing Multi-Academy Trust. Stickman work closely with Blue Apple Education on all sorts of projects for schools, including Multi-Academy Trusts, so we were keen to support them in this great initiative.

Mark Davis – Sales Director at Blue Apple Education – led the workshop, and set the scene with a hands-on learning, creative approach all about the importance of developing a strong brand for a school and Trust.

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Then it was our turn. We spoke on the importance of being clear to your stakeholders about a) what you stand for (your Values) and b) where you’re heading as an organisation (your Vision).

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As a company, we’ve done a lot of work on this topic recently with Multi-Academy Trusts across the UK. In a time of change, many MATs are struggling to know how to talk about themselves and how to communicate this effectively. Obtaining ‘buy in’ to what you stand for and where you’re heading is so so crucial in supporting strategic organisational goals.

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We advise MATs and schools how to develop and embed their Vision & Values so that everyone (from the caretaker through to the Chair of Governors) is super clear on them. (I mean, what’s the point of having a great set of Vision & Values if they just sit on the About page of your website and only a handful of people know about them?).

The below quotes sums it up really nicely and is something we used within the workshop:


“A team aligned behind a vision will move mountains.”

Kevin Rose, partner at Google Ventures


Anyway, the workshop went down really well. We all received lovely feedback.  In fact, one lovely lady – Andrea Norman – from Great Coates Primary School said some super lovely things in relation to the Vision & Values session in particular:

We’re very happy that you enjoyed it Healing Multi-Academy Trust. Glad you took lots away and hoping that you’re embedding it superbly now!

If you’re a school or Trust in need of help with any aspect of marketing or communications, simply get in touch! We’re more than happy to explain how our work helps you to create impact and get results.

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Thank you!

The Stickman team x

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