Do you struggle to get support from your teaching colleagues?

This isn’t because your teaching colleagues aren’t co-operative, it’s simply because they are – just like you – incredibly time-poor. This means that any requests relating to school marketing come in at around 167th place on their ‘To Do’ list, well after their teaching and learning priorities.

It might also be down to not quite understanding how important marketing is to the sustainability and future of your school.


Tell them why it’s important. 

And then tell them again. 

Reserve a slot at your next staff briefing or inset day. Share with the school staff the marketing and admissions activities you’ve undertaken. Outline the outcomes, the Open event successes, the enquiries currently being nurtured along the admissions journey – whatever tangible results you can bring to their attention.

Crucially, ensure they understand the following:

Good marketing = stable pupil numbers = financial health and a sustainable school going forwards

Keeping school staff in the loop and connecting them to the touchpoints that support a healthy admissions pipeline is invaluable. 

They will better appreciate your role and your hard work and they will start to realise why marketing is not just the concern of those whose job title contains the word ‘marketing’ (or ‘admissions’). It is one of the most important things for the school to get right and, to that end, it is everyone’s responsibility.

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