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We’re delighted to have recently helped generate over £680,000 additional revenue in pupil fees for a Prep school. We did this through creating a killer Marketing Plan focused on driving attendance at your Open Day event and incorporating a comprehensive follow-up programme which nurtured attendees through to enrolment.

So how did we do it?

  • We developed shining key Open Morning messages based on the School’s USPs and stakeholder research
  • We created an integrated Marketing Plan comprising a mix of our proven online and offline, cost-efficient marketing activities
  • We prioritised the School’s ‘warmest’ audiences whilst also targeting a wider audience to ensure sufficient volumes were reached
  • We deployed Word of Mouth strategies (THE number one marketing channel for schools)
  • We developed a visual snapshot of the school’s offering. This formed the theme of the Open Morning and was executed in multiple ways – the Headmistress incorporating it into her speech, across key digital platforms, displayed in giant formats around the school and produced as a mini brochure to use in conversations with both existing and prospective families.
  • Facilitated slick online registration process for visitors
  • We formulated a structured and timely follow-up programme with visitors, designed to optimise enrolments

But why is this important as surely ‘normal’ Open events won’t happen for some time?

While virtual tours and online open mornings are a necessity this Summer Term, school premises WILL open again and managing that will be an enormously busy time. These events may not look exactly as they have in the past – social distancing is here to stay for some time yet. But no matter how slick your online presence, nothing can match those in-person experiences for prospective families.

Want a chat?

If you need help creating the ‘WOW’ for your next Open Morning, we’d love to work with you and your school. Or, if you’d like to know more about any aspect of our market research, marketing and admissions services, simply get in touch. We’re always happy to have a no-obligation chat!


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