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Grab a coffee and watch the video now (it’s just 19 minutes long).

Stickman team members Emily Richards and Karen Smith, spent a delightful 20 minutes last week speaking to the rather fabulous Lucy Barnwell – Director of External Relations at Rossall School, Lancashire.

Lucy is passionate about top notch customer service in independent schools and feels a more accurate description of her role is ‘Head of Keeping People Happy’. (We love this, obvs). Lucy’s beliefs HUGELY mirror Stickman’s in relation to VIP treatment of a school’s ‘customers’ (i.e. parents and pupils) and, during our chat, there was a RIDICULOUS amount of nodding of heads and an overall bubbling over with enthusiasm (it isn’t often we find someone who aligns so closely with our values at Stickman and so excitement levels went off the scale). 

Lucy has implemented some fantastic customer-service initiatives at Rossall which have really served to set the School apart. They all pretty much boil down to one thing – Lucy’s core approach of listening to the customer and acting upon it. 

The video explains it much better than we can, so take a look and enjoy. We guarantee a large dose of inspiration.

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