Tried and tested across many schools, our FREE e-book is designed to provide school leaders, admissions staff and school marketers with:


  • Simple admissions strategies that will generate amazing results for your school
  • Clear steps and ideas to encourage a steady stream of new enquiries, new pupils and therefore revenue for your school


Many schools struggle to know ​how​ to recruit new pupils as well as not always having the time to dedicate to filling the school. It can be overwhelming, knowing what ​should be done, but without the skills or manpower to succeed. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can recruit those pupils and obtain that additional revenue without the stress that you’re currently feeling.

A winning formula to help schools shine

We know the impact Stickman’s marketing and research work has within schools. It became clear when we helped a school to boost their pupil numbers and secure over £100k additional revenue in under 12 months. We realised we have a winning formula to help schools shine; to help them increase their pupil admissions and subsequently their revenue quickly and easily.

It became our mission to help schools. Stickman was set up by founder, Emily Richards, to empower school leaders and school marketing & admissions staff with vital pupil recruitment and retention strategies that maximise revenue, so that amazing schools can continue to do incredible things for young people.

Specialist schools and education marketers for the unique challenges facing the education sector

The team at Stickman are hugely experienced marketers, but more importantly, we are school and education marketers. We truly understand the unique challenges facing schools – where the end to end admissions journey and the experience you’re offering to prospective parents along this, and therefore how you’re setting you’re school apart (or not) –  are integral to everything you offer. Where the decision to buy into your school is never entirely a financial consideration, but an emotional investment in their child’s future.

Our free e-book is an introduction to the strategies we’ve used with clients. To download the e-book, simply subscribe to Stickman’s e-newsletter by clicking below.

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If you’re a school in need of help with any aspect of marketing or communications, simply get in touch! We’re more than happy to explain how our work helps schools to get results that impact positively on their school revenue.


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