We are BOUNCING with excitement at Stickman Towers as we share our brand new school marketing and research service packages with you!

Yes, we’ve developed THREE core service options to suit your school’s needs AND budget. All offer real support, practical advice and super fresh ideas. (The only difficult decision is which to choose).

Click on the links below for further information:

“Super1. Stickman Super Call (60 mins): a short sharp burst of ideas and inspiration with one of our School Marketing Experts. £99 +VAT
“Sneak2. Sneak Peek (mini audit): insight-led fresh, exciting ideas and topline strategies. £2,600 +VAT
“Deep3. Deep Dive (full audit): the full shebang! In-depth, step-by-step recommendations to fix your issues. £4,550 +VAT


If YOUR school would like some fresh, insight-led, sector-specialist support, or if you’d like to know more about any aspect of our services, simply get in touch. One of our favourite things is to chat about how our work helps schools and creates positive, clear solutions for issues such as pupil recruitment, pupil retention or parental engagement.


School Marketing & Research Consultant and Chief Cheerleader, The Stickman Consultancy

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