Optimise pupil funding

“We really need to do some marketing, but we have no money.” 


“We really need to do some marketing, but we don’t know where to start.” 


“We really need to do some marketing that’s EFFECTIVE, because everything we’ve tried doesn’t seem to work.” 


“We really need to do some marketing, but we don’t have time to even THINK about what is needed.” 

“HELP!!! “

This is what we, at Stickman Towers, were hearing a lot from primary schools. They had a need to market their school in order to increase awareness of it and to generate more enquiries from prospective families, but they had barriers that were preventing them from being able to do so. 

The strain of not fixing this would keep rolling on and on and the financial impact would become a stressful, unfathomable headache for schools.  

We knew that in our mission to arm as many schools as possible with awesome marketing skills, that we needed to listen up. And listen up hard. 

So that’s what we did. 

It quickly became apparent that we needed to create a simple, speedy and effective way for primary schools to boost pupil numbers that was neither time consuming or complicated. It also needed to be affordable, convenient and supportive. 

So guess what? That’s what we created. 

Our Online Course and Toolkit for Building an Awesome Pupil Recruitment Plan provides step-by-step guidance to fast-tracking pupil recruitment in primary schools. 

Watch our brief video here:

Fast track for beginner marketers

Screenshot coverIt includes: 

•  12 bitesize modules containing our top school marketing secrets – info that can’t be found on Google or in a text book! 

•  Support – a library of tools and templates including a pre-populated Marketing Plan, PLUS a private Facebook group and email support 

•  It offers affordable, flexible training available 24/7 

At the end of the course you’ll have an awesome pupil recruitment Marketing Plan and a whole suite of marketing templates that will lead you to healthy pupil pipeline and improved school revenue.Course button

If you still have any questions or queries, simply get in touch.

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